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The ruling party?

Read this article before going ahead!!

When a political party wins any election in our country, we refer to them as “Ruling Party”. It has bothered me for a long time. If people are voting for them to form a government, then they should be the “Governing Party”!!

It’s not just the terminology, it’s also the mentality.

Any political leader, when contesting an election meets and appeals to all the people possible to vote for him. But when he actually wins all of a sudden he develops this arrogance and sense of superiority that he’s unavailable to the lowly common people. It is known.

But it’s not just the leader that has that mindset, it’s also the people. We as a society have accepted that a person that wins an election is in some way higher up in the social hierarchy than us and this kind of behaviour is taken for granted.

We elect the governments. We vote on who should seat in those offices and manage our country for us. We pay money in way of taxes that pay for their salaries. In the most literal sense these politicians that have formed a government are our employees.

Of course, that would be too idealistic.

But realistically, we do have the power to reject the politicians that we think have misused the power given to them, or have not performed well on their assigned tasks. No matter how popular one leader becomes, if he falters, we can replace them with another. We have experienced that time and again.

As voters, it is our duty not only to choose people that will govern us and run the country wisely but also replace them if they appear to be non-performing, destructive or seem to be thinking themselves as “Rulers” or Kings!!

They asked the Pharaoh what made you a tyrant. He said, “no one stopped me”.

Egyptian proverb

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