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Hellow There!!

I’m Manas Kocharekar, Entrepreneur & Consultant from Mumbai, and I’m a ‘Learn-It-All’!

I am Information Technology Engineer by training graduated in 2017 from Mumbai university. I love building products & solving problems for businesses and people.

I’m currently building my own company¬†Progressive Bit MediaTech¬†that makes digital products such as ERPs or CRMs and content to represent their businesses. We also make content such as Blog posts, images and videos for social media presence.

Apart from running my company I also write blogs here. I write about Technology, Entrepreneurship, Business, Freelancing, Productivity and many more things.

Mobile Photography is another one of my hobby. you can check me out on Instagram.

I read a lot(Books, news, Blog Posts) and then I have opinions that I share on Twitter.

My Github Contributions

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