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A potent opposition

I had started writing this blog almost a month ago. I had assumed the results of the Lok Sabha elections will go massively in favour of the incumbents once again, but the number will reduce slightly.

I was writing it to be posted before the voting started to express how I felt the people should think about voting to the opposition parties.

Now after the results are almost clear, I am rewriting it with a happy mindset that my expectations from us are fulfilled.

When thinking about these elections, before they started, most people who aren’t hardcore supporters of the BJP felt almost helpless. The situation in the country for the past 5 years had us discouraged about the capabilities of democracy. The way this government used (or abused) the single-handed majority of 303 seats given to them by the public shocked everyone (except for those who had witnessed Indira Gandhi’s emergency, of course!!)

They got questionable bills passed, coerced investigating agencies like ED and CBI to investigate or at least allege corruption charges only on the opposition, then welcome those alleged corrupt politicians in their own party, tried to discredit media, reporters and individuals that were critical of them, and many more things.

People that had elected candidates from any other party that wasn’t in governments’ favour, were punished by the way of not receiving funding for development in their regions. People that had voted for a candidate of one party who overnight jumped ship to the party in power and they could do nothing about it.

Overall, there was a sense of untouchable arrogance in their behaviour indicating that there is no one to oppose them.

You can’t help but feel a little hopeless in such a climate. But I underestimated the collective conscience of the voters in the country. Yes, it happened after 10 years, but people restored the balance in the 2024 elections.

I don’t care whether it is NDA or INDIA side that forms the government.

Both of the sides are filled with corrupt, immoral, uneducated leaders. But that’s what we have got. We have to make the best of it.

Now with these current numbers, I assume that the NDA will form the government for the 3rd time, and that makes me happy. Because it’s not just the BJP. They will need support from others. Which will keep their ego in check. Also, the opposition will have close to similar numbers on their side to ensure that no shady bills get passed without scrutiny.

Also, if by some miracle the INDIA side manages to form the government, they will still have a massive opposition in form of BJP which will keep them in check.

This balance is necessary. This is what democracy is. Yes, the party in majority forms the government, but the opposition party shouldn’t be so small that it can be easily muzzled or that the elected members are forced to switch to the side of party in power.

Everyone has the right to ask questions to the government and criticise its policies irrespective of how popular it is. The government is answerable to the public that pays them.

They should not forget that they are a “Governing party” and not the “Ruling Party”!!

We will see what happens in next few days, but I learned today not to lose faith in the collective public conscience, this country has elected and also rejected more popular leaders.

Congratulations India!!

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