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Switching it up in 2020

We just said goodbye to the last year in the first decade of this century and it’s been a great year. Personally 2019 was a great year for me. Even though changing a year, a decade or even a century for that matter only takes one day on the calendar, on the psychological level it bears enormous importance.

I completed 25 years of my life this year, so it’s like I’ve lived a quarter of my life already. I feel a little old now that the kids born in this century are already 18 years old. This feeling of being an adult just became very profound in this year and I felt like I should put my thoughts into words a lot more often, so I’m taking writing seriously in the new year. In this article, I’m looking back at the last year for the last time and then focusing on the next year and everything I plan to get done this year.

My Life in 2019

       May of 2019 marked completion of 2 years of my freelancing career right after graduating as Bachelor of Engineering in 2017. When I decided to Freelance instead of looking for a job in the IT industry like most of my friends, my family supported my decision even though they were sceptical of it, It has been the biggest blessing to my career.

You see, freelancing, or any kind of self-employment takes a long time to generate any kind of steady income. Until then, all of your friends have received multiple appraisals in their jobs and it can infuse a lot of self-doubt in your jobless(!) brain when a client chooses some other freelancer instead of you.

In such times you have to remember why you chose this path and focus on the long term objectives. In such negative times you need to have a few small wins to keep going. In comparison to my first year freelancing the second one was much better. The progress helped me reassure myself and my family that I made the right choice for myself.

In 2019 I doubled the number of projects that I worked on from the previous year, almost doubled my income and most importantly I expanded my business network in multifolds. I got opportunities to meet, observe and talk with people from various fields that me gave insights in various fields like Education, Medicare, rural development, entrepreneurship and many more.

My New Company

I started my own proprietorship company in April to handle the new, bigger clients that I couldn’t handle as a lone freelancer. The company is named Progressive Bit MediaTech, which can handle Web Development, branding, SEO, SMM, Strategy Development and many more things to put a business or a brand on the map of internet and drive growth. If you know anyone who can use the services of my company, recommend or reach out!! :p

Social work

Helping people has always made me happy over the years, sometimes going beyond reason and this year I got an opportunity to be a part of an NGO as a founder by the way of my client deciding to turn his business idea into an NGO that helps students develop their technical as well as soft skills and enhance their resume to apply for jobs on a portal that my company developed. I decided to be a part of that NGO and take care of the technical aspects of the NGO as well as train students on the technical front. Spreading knowledge and helping others is always a joyful experience and I’m looking forward to it.

Switching it up in 2020

Now that we are in a new year, here are the things I have in mind for this year:

So as you can see I’ve a great list of objectives for this year, and I’ve already started working on them. It will be ambitious to say that I’m going to fulfil all of them, but I think I have to be that ambitious to realise at least 90% of them.


I’d really appreciate if you keep on checking this blog because I’ll be posting a lot of articles. Also check out my Instagram and Twitter where I am active the most.

Thank You for reading!

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