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6 Reasons Why you won’t keep your New Year Resolutions

       I go to a park near my house every morning to workout on the pull-up bar and the other stuff. As the year 2020 started, I suddenly started seeing a lot of new people showing up to exercise, run and sometimes just sit in the park early in the morning. People working out and taking care of their health makes me happy for some reason. So, all these people being active as a new year’s resolution felt really great. But within 4-5 days, most of those who had started working out as a resolution, started being irregular. Now after more than 20 days into the new year, almost every one of them has disappeared from the morning routine.

       This must have happened with you a lot of times too. You make fabulous sounding resolutions every new year and then you almost forget it within the first month. It seems almost impossible to keep your resolutions for everyone to the extent that we have started circulating Memes and Tweets about “Not keeping Your New Year Resolutions!!” So here are a few reasons why I think People don’t see their resolutions through.

So what are the few things that You could do to push yourself to keep your resolutions? I’ve picked up a few ideas from the articles I’ve read and people that I’ve listened to.

Now that I’ve talked about everything that I can think about the new year resolutions I want to give you a real example. This is a story of Umesh (Name not changed for the story, follow him on Instagram!! ), one of my closest friends from college. I’ve known him for about 10 years now. Umesh has been one of the biggest people of my age that I have personally known. It’s not that he eats overly unhealthy food, he is built bigger than average people and a lot stronger too.

Last year Umesh decided to start working out in a gym for the first time to improve his health. He did not wait for the new year to arrive, he started somewhere in October of 2019 and challenged himself to workout for 21 days straight in a gym. He weighed 119 kgs when he started. He kept his first goal of 21 days and lost about 4 kgs in those days. He had been posting his progress every day on Instagram for these 21 days and Everyone in our friends circle was making fun of him (me included!), speculating that he won’t be able to keep this up for many days. After he completed his 21 days and saw the results, he was motivated enough to start a 100 Days of workout challenge for himself.

Lets just jump directly to today, after about 75 days, he has lost another 10 kgs of weight and he’s not stopping anytime soon. While writing this article, I realised how much Umesh’s discipline in last few months relates to every point in here. He set up a great goal, made an actionable plan, held himself accountable and just kept at it every day.

Be like Umesh!

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