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Simple vs Easy

Simple and easy are two different things. People often seem to confuse them.

Most things that you want in life can be achieved by following a very simple path, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy path.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you want to get fit or loose weight. The action plan to physical fitness is very simple. You just need to control your diet and be more active physically. That’s it!!

Keep doing that regularly for a couple of months and you will definitely start seeing the results. Apart from some people with complex medical conditions, no one NEEDS to have a fancy diet plan or a personal gym trainer.

But this doesn’t mean it is easy to stay fit. Most people find it hard to control what they are eating. A temptation of junk food or a nice ice cream is undeniably irresistible. it’s even more difficult to stay active consistently. You’d see so many people starting to go to the gym at the beginning of the year but give up within a few weeks. I even wrote a post about it years ago.

Let’s take an example of building wealth. We all have watched numerous videos about compounding and how it can result in an incremental growth in your portfolio. The principle is simple, keep your money in market for a while and it’ll always be in green in the long term.

So when Warren Buffett was asked if it’s that simple, why aren’t most people doing well in stock market replied, “Because no one wants to get rich slowly.” You can’t be swayed by temporary movements and corrections in the market.

It seems that achieving success only takes simple conviction!!

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