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Thoughts on “Threads”

So Meta finally launched it’s own version of Twitter, and it’s called Threads. Zuck landed his first blow even before their proposed Jiu Jitsu fight. Meta continued with it’s long known strategy of copy-pasting the known market leaders and the timing can’t be better.

Twitter has been booming in traffic since Elon’s takeover due to pure sensationalism, but that also makes it volatile, and while most of the world love chaos, it’s not usually great for conversations, ideas and most importantly, marketing.

I installed Threads today early morning as I woke up and started Threading(?). Here are my thoughts:

It’s too early

Zuck declared that Threads had 10 million signups in 7 hours which is incredible. Although the unfair advantage that Threads had is it let you import everything from your Instagram profile and shows the option of “follow everyone” from your Instagram (which I would not recommend). This helped facilitate the explosion of signups and it will go on following this trend at least in the first week.

Most people are signing up and posting there (myself included) with the FOMO of not jumping in super early. Many in the gen z never had this experience of being able to hop on to such a large scale platform on the day 1, so they are having fun.

But, it’s just the first day of it’s life. There’s a lot of things left to be seen to talk about the success of Threads. At least a month has to pass, to have any idea of how it’s actually doing.

The Good

There are many things here that are going for the Threads app that I’ve noticed in my first 8 hours. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  1. The ready-made profile and followers from your Instagram profile (mostly)
  2. Clean UI that draws almost everything from the Instagram app makes you feel at home
  3. Ability to share a post directly to Instagram stories as well as feed from the app (although they can let us customize the backgrounds)
  4. Thrill of getting on a big platform from day 1 is driving the traffic.

The Bad

  1. Can’t add multiple accounts yet. Logged in with my personal account but now can’t add my company account
  2. No drafts. Habit of saving tweets and going back to them will not carry over.
  3. No image editor. Can’t even crop images. Also no gifs platform connected.
  4. Hashtags don’t seem to be working. Are they doing away with it?
  5. Not yet integrated to the Meta Business Suite, so can’t schedule posts.
  6. Most importantly, No Dark Mode!!

My Thoughts

Even though it’s literally the very first day of the launch, here are some of my predictions and suggestions:

  1. Will it replace Twitter? Probably not. Reels didn’t replace TikTok, but it took a very big chunk of the market. Threads will do the same.
  2. Elon recently announced plans to have limits on how many tweets one can see in a day based on membership level. Threads could capitalize on that and take over the market.
  3. It will face the same problem of spam and bots that Twitter does very soon. They’ll need to tackle that.
  4. Currently it’s app only, but it needs a web platform as well. Marketeers love a web platform
  5. Meta has to ship as fast as possible. All the features that people are asking for should be there within a month, at least the basic ones
  6. The advertisers will soon show up, obviously.

and remember

Also you can follow me on Threads, Twitter or Instagram!!

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